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all sizes of RHD Deployant Clasps are in stock



Before you order please make certain you choose the correct size for your watch strap.


How to choose the right size deployant clasp


Because both the deployant and the buckle fit over the buckle end of the strap they both must be the same width as the buckle end of the strap.  


The width of the lug end of the strap which is often stamped on the back of the strap at the lug end is not relevant to the size of the deployant clasp that you need for that particular watch strap.




As shown in the photograph above the inside width of both the buckle and the deployant has to be the same as the outside width of the strap at the buckle end.


Please note: the size deployant clasp you select must be the same size as the size of the buckle that is on your watch strap, for example a watch strap that has an 18 mm  regular tang buckle will take an 18 mm deployant clasp. 



If you have any questions about choosing the right deployant clasp for you,   please call me - my telephone number is on my home page 




I recommend  double-fold deployant clasps for "average" size wrists because they are shorter and less curved than single-fold deployant clasps so they are comfortable for people all size wrists  from @ 6.75 inches to 8 inches or more.  I not longer stock single fold deployant clasps.


Double-fold deployants are easy to use.  Here's a link showing the simple way to put them on  -  closing a double-fold deployant



Please read the section How to choose the right size deployant clasp

at the top of the page BEFORE you order.


16 mm Polished Finish

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16 mm Brushed Finish

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18 mm Polished Finish




18 mm Brushed Finish

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20 mm Polished Finish

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20 mm Brushed Finish

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22 mm Polished Finish

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22 mm Bushed Finish



   I no longer stock single-fold deployant clasps



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