Cape Cod® Polishing Cloths 


2 foil packs each with 2 Cape Polishing Cloths

for a total of 4 individual Cape Cod Polishing  




each handy re-sealable foil pack contains contains two 4" X 6"  Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths so you receive a total of four 4" X 6"  Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths by adding this item to your shopping cart.


Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths are moist soft cotton cloths, with just the right amount of polish on them. Rub lightly and remove tarnish on silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, etc. and bring forth a brilliant mirror shine. Safe to use and there is no chemical odor ~ instead a pleasant vanilla scent. The revolutionary anti-tarnish formula in Cape Cod Polishing Cloths means the shine lasts longer!


Take the mess and smell out of polishing your metalware by using these soft, 100% cotton cloths! Each 6”x4” cloth is impregnated with specifically formulated cleaning and polishing agents, plus tarnish-inhibiting surface protectants. Just wipe, for a mirror-like sparkle you’ll enjoy for months to come!


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