Watch Bracelet Tool

finally ... a user-friendly bracelet sizing tool


As a customer wrote me the day he received his ... " ... I've already used your bracelet sizing tool to size a bracelet on a Hamilton Linwood Viewmatic and it worked flawlessly ..."


Michael P, Silver Spring, Md


This watch bracelet tool is is so simple to use, in fact, that even with my total lack of manual dexterity, I managed to re-size a bracelet like a pro on the first try.  An amazing little tool for removing press-fit pins in links to size bracelets.


Using it is as simple as it looks in the photograph -- just place the bracelet in the holder and screw in the drift-pin.  It comes with two spacers for different thicknesses of bracelets, and two extra drift-pins.  And instructions.  It's not even necessary to remove the bracelet from your watch.


This economical watch bracelet tool is made in Switzerland of glass-filled nylon for durability and many years of use. There are  low-priced knockoffs of this tool on the market particularly on eBay that are just cheap plastic.  The giveaway that an advertised tool is the cheap knock off is generally the low price, and the ads won't say that the tool is Swiss-made or that it's made of glass-filled nylon.  




Two models for different types of bracelets


Most watch bracelets with press-fit pins holding the links can be sized using the standard-length drift-pin at the bottom of the photograph.  It's the right size to free pins in the bracelet link and pushes them out far enough so they it can be removed.  Omega Seamaster bracelets are a horse of a different color.  They require an extra-long drift-pin shown at the top of the photograph.




Watch bracelet tool for standard bracelets - $18.94

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 Watch bracelet tool for Omega bracelets - $19.94


with 2 extra-long drift pins for Omega bracelets and 2 standard-length drift-pin (for most bracelets)  and the standard-length pin is also the better for initially breaking pins free in the Omega bracelets.

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Replacement Drift-Pins for Bracelet Sizing Tools - standard length, and long length for Omega


standard length drift-pins - $3.50 each 





Standard length


long length drift-pins for Omega bracelets - $4.50 each






Longer length for Omega bracelets




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